About VSAT Advisor

Freelance agent, long experienced within satellite broadband industry.

My goal is to advise any client who is interested in hiring VSAT services, either to establish a private network or just set up a reliable Internet access.

Now, from the client side, I will work for a 100% transparent analysis of connectivity proposals received from different suppliers, as well as help making new requests. Now customer will be guaranteed the most competitive service and unsatisfactory options will be avoided.


  • Immersed in the satellite communications market from 2007.
  • Global knowledge of all available major providers and all of the different technology platforms which services are delivered through.
  • Participated in the deployment of numerous projects in rural and maritime areas across Europe, Africa and Latin America.
  • In the current emerged transition in the maritime industry from traditional L-Band systems (Inmarsat, Thuraya, Iridium) to new services offered thorugh most recent launched satellites (HTS), achieving speeds of up to 24 Mbps in the download channel offered in a flat rate billing mode.
  • Advice on the different available options for remote communications according to each client´s requirement:

Dedicated and private communication channels among two or more sites

All types of Internet access

IP Telephony