What do I offer?

Free assesment for every user.

Commitment that the chosen supplier will maintain its best economical proposal.

Maintain, as long as it is required, the responsability to be in charge of contacts with the supplier during the service period.


Users that might be interested:

  1. Those interested in using satellite broadband services for the first time, thus existing some level of ignorance about technology and types of service.
  2. Active users who have decided to migrate provider, requiring advice to improve their current connection, either in quality of service or pricing.
  3. Who have already opted for a specific offer and want to ensure that conditions of service are as transparent as they have been offered, as well as making sure that supplied equipment will meet the minimum technical requirements to ensure maximum stability of the service.


Whatever your requirement or inquiry is, do not hesitate to contact as soon as possible by sending your request to: info@vsatadvisor.com